Wednesday, 28 May 2014

I went to the ZOO! Part 2

The clue here is in the title, and I think it is going to be even more picture heavy than the previous one. SO on to the Zoo part 2......................

A shy Antelope.
Wildebeest in the background.
Brown Deer.


Malayan Tapir, we were looking for it in the distance, thinking it was going to be small, go around the corner and WAM right there by the fence is this huge beasty. Quite the surprise.
Then onto the Walk of the Apes...

This little cheeky monkey, quite literally, would copying any movement of the people in-front of it. Monkey see, Monkey, get it get it :p

Papa Gorilla.

The gorillas had the BEST EVER enclosure, it was mahusive, with really awesome swings, and ropes, and hammock areas, it looked like the ultimate play area, for kids of all ages, especially the big variety, there was even a SLIDE!!!

Feeding time, and oh boy did they descend.

The Gorillas were extremely human, and I think some of them ate with better manners than people I know.

The grey back Gorilla.

My mum's favourite, because of their super fluffy white tails.

Just hangin' around.

Pretty much exactly what I look like when I'm thinking.

 Lastly the BIG Cats :D

Siberian Tiger having a snooze in the late afternoon.


ASLAN!!!!!!!! :O

A fierce little  cat on the planet. Hissing and pacing, clearly hungry.

Chilling cheetah
The was also the most beautiful cloudy leopard, but she was to far away for a good snap. The lioness was my favourite though she was so sassy, just strolling around clearly teasing the male lion.

Overall a really lovely day, and a rare treat as I haven't been to the zoo since I was small.

The CB

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

I went to the ZOO! Part 1

This bank holiday weekend has been dreary weather wise, and I was beginning to feel rather cooped up being inside hiding from the weather, so when on Sunday the rain ceased and the clouds parted I jumped in the car and went to the Zoo with my mum. :)

The Zoo (well really its a wild life park) is really awesome and has two options for going around, you can walk or better yet, you can go in a truck (safari style) and drive through the inclosures. Guess which I picked... The animals were really close and my finger was constantly snapping away on my camera, the truck ride was wonderful if rather bumpy. I can't remember the names of half of the animals we saw, but I will share my favourites with you now. I warn you this entry will be picture heavy! :D

Beautiful elephants
Zebras, slightly blurry as this is where I nearly flew out of my seat when we went over a bump.

First there was 1 giraffe...

Next there were 2...

Then 3... they were getting closer and closer....
They got close
Like really close, I could have easily reached out to touch them.
The ostrich wouldn't play ball and so the only shot I have is with its neck down :(

Next to the reptile house

Tortoise, funny story, when we walked into the reptile house we could hear a strange, errrrgh, sound then quiet and then errrrgh again, almost like wood creaking against wood, turns out daddy tortoise had found mummy tortoise and was trying to increase the size of their family. Picture not included due to discretion, ahahahahaha.

Creepy crawlies.

Green tree frog, I think.


This snake just stuck me as super cool! Look at the way its hanging on that branch :O
Back outside

End of PART 1 I'm doing it in two parts purely because I'm to lazy to sort through all of my 164 photographs I took that day, but the rest will be up by the end of the week latest.


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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Summer nails.

As the sun has started to shine, sandals are coming out of the wardrobe, this for me means its time to try some different nail polish colours rather than your usual choices.

 Now this is my normal choice for nails. Here I am wearing Rimmel No.15 Golden Scarlet, now I'm pretty sure they have discontinued this item, but the Rimmel Double Decker Red is very similar and AMAZING too!

My second favourite would also have to be the Mavala No.1 Ankara. This is a deeper and richer tone, and perhaps more suited for evenings. It is one of the Cream collection so it applies like a dream. The Mavala polish can be found HERE.

Now these are the 2 I picked up from Boots. They are part of the Revelon Colorstay range.
The purple is No. 240 Amethyst, and the blue is No. 170 Coastal Surf.

I applied both so I could compare over a week how well they lasted. Application wise, the Coastal Surf was smoother, I found the Amethyst a bit gloopy but that could just be my one.

SO 1 week later these are the results...

The Amethyst, chipped slightly, whilst the Coastal Surf faded slightly.

Therefore considering colour, application and wear over the week my favourite and new summer colour would be the Coastal Surf.

I know everyone has their own favourites and I'm always on the look out for something new to try, so please do leave me a comment if you have any recommendations.


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Friday, 23 May 2014


The recipes I share here will be things I have learnt from family and friends, or things I have modified and made up as I go along. As some of these recipes will be passed down from others, I have no way of knowing if they originally came from a book. There is no copyright intended.
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A day out with Iz

A few weeks back I spotted a sign advertising a car boot sale, read it and then promptly, like most things, forgot about it. A recent trip to London, which I am still writing up, where long story short a brought in a large haul of makeup and bits and bobs, cued a rather large clear out of such items. Apparently I caught the tidying bug because before I knew it I had been through my room and many others even the shed and had a sizable pile of stuff. Much of this was sorted into bin liners and carted off to a local charity, but a few items I thought might catch penny or two if I was lucky. Considered EBay but couldn't be bothered, so when yet again walking past the car boot sale sign, I popped in and booked a spot. Now I wasn't going to stand in a field on my own surrounded by my own toot, so I roped in the help of my lovely friend Iz. We did pretty well, the foot fall wasn't great, but we  covered the cost of our spot and the bacon butties we bought with a little extra on the side for saving, and at least I know my old tent and swing ball have gone to a nice home.

Iz and I promptly decided that such hard work, it was BLISTERINGLY HOT, deserved a treat, namely a cream tea. So off we trotted to A National Trust Castle.

We were treated to a free air show when this Spitfire flew over and a few laps past the castle and along the river. Which got all of the shutterbugs clicking away.

Me dreaming of my own castle...

You lookin' at me duck?

A hand carved stone Norman hiding amongst the trees.

Fish feeding in the moat.

The ducks got in on the action too.

A view from up high

The lovely Iz

Traditional May flower celebrations.

Throwing a penny in the wishing well.

The Castle in all its glory :)

And the MG motor club were all out to with their beautiful motors.
After all the walking around we were pretty warm so ice cream time it was, thankfully I don't have photos of this because I'm sure our enjoyment of them was fairly indecent.

All in all a really good day. A massive thank you to Iz who took the photos for me, as I am still on a camera hunt. You did brill girl :D

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